Light boring machine

Light boring machine
Light boring machine

Product Name: Light Boring Machine

Instructions for use:

1, connecting the host and tool: the host flange and the support flange bolted fixed, while ensuring that the boring bar can be screwed into the main motor reducer threaded hole, and then connect the main motor boring machine, and with a screw fastening, The split turret or split-speed high-speed steel blades with screws to squeeze the hole to be machined in the distance of 2-5mm position, the proximal end of the hole using a positive knife is the main motor to the motor forward processing, Far-end boring with anti-knife main motor forward feed motor reversing processing, before starting to feed, to adjust the sword position to ensure that the near-side processing volume within 2mm ;;

2, fine-tuning boring knife: machining center commonly used fine boring fine boring knife. The radial size of this boring tool can be adjusted within a certain range of multi-function boring machine, the reading value of up to 0.01mm. When resizing, loosen the tensioning screw, then turn the adjusting nut with the dial until the tip is at the desired size and tighten the screw. This boring cutter structure is relatively simple, high precision, versatility, good rigidity.

3, in the processing, rough boring can be larger, but the large amount of unilateral processing shall not exceed 3mm, fine boring amount generally smaller steel boring machine,

In short, the choice of the size of the boring, the user may be based on the actual situation, not to shock as well. The first knife is completed, turn off the spindle motor light boring machine, the boring knife removed, with a quick turn to the boring bar back to the original position in the first step in the processing of the knife bar to continue processing, but each time Boring before boring, boring bar should be properly outward volume, until the processing is completed.

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