Increase stroke 500mm boring machine

Increase stroke 500mm boring machine
Increase stroke 500mm boring machine

Product Name: Boring Machine with Increased Stroke 500mm

The extended stroke 500mm boring machine brings together ten years of experience in on-site engineering services, the product of the perfect combination of cutting-edge industrial design and on-site boring capabilities, and can achieve accurate, safe and efficient on-site boring processing.

Powerful processing capacity, can easily face the processing and repair of shaft pin holes, hinge holes, steam turbine wheel-to-wheel connection holes, pumps, valves, and pipeline inner holes of construction machinery, add different accessories, and can also complete end surface processing, inner and outer circle stacking Welding and other operations, to meet the diameter of 55-300mm concentric boring.

Superior expandability, adding related accessories, can realize Ø35-300mm boring.

Increase the end surface processing device to easily realize the end surface processing of pipes and flanges.

It can achieve perfect docking with the inner hole automatic repair welding machine, and realize the integration of boring and welding.