boring machine

boring machine
boring machine

LT-90 blueprint machine tool manual machine, digital control intelligent, boring and welding machine. Calibration is fast, accurate, installation is fast; powerful; High hardness, high precision, good toughness, hard chrome plating on the surface, no rust, good wear resistance. The spindle box (power head) can be installed at any position of the boring bar, and the fixing is simple and convenient; the bearing support is equipped with imported double-row self-aligning Cylindrical roller bearings, high precision and high rigidity; the end face tool holder can automatically move forward and backward, the feed rate is adjustable, and can be disassembled for easy installation and disassembly.

technical parameter:

Cutting depth on one side: greater than or equal to 3mm

Boring repair welding diameter range:¢100mm-¢800mm

Boring span can be customized

Standard boring bar size ¢902000mm, welding rod standard ¢30mmx1200mm Main drive mode: motor. The rated power of the main drive motor is 3.8KW and the voltage is 380V.

The rated speed of the main drive motor is 3000.

Feed mode: manual\/electric 2-sheet mode.

Feed stroke: 500mm.

The amount of cutting on one side is greater than or equal to 3mm,

The roundness of the processed hole is less than or equal to 0.02,

Surface roughness Ra3.2..

Portable boring and welding machines adopt modular design, which can be quickly installed and disassembled under on-site conditions, and an independent control electric box is set to realize remote control, taking into account both operability and practicability.

The bearing adopts imported bearings, which can realize high-speed and high-precision rotation, and has the ability to bear shafts, large radial loads, and high rigidity. The portable boring machine uses advanced worm gear and worm drive, with large transmission ratio, compact structure, and dexterous use, so that Complete processing operations in a narrow space, the worm gear and worm have good wear resistance and long service life.

The supporting and fixing device of the main machine is ingeniously designed. In terms of adjustment, the processing error of roundness and concentricity is further reduced, and the practicability is very high. It is convenient for customers to use without barriers.