Boring and welding machine manufacturer

Boring and welding machine manufacturer
Boring and welding machine manufacturer

The boring and welding integrated machine is often used for welding in industrial processing. At present, with the development of society and the continuous progress of science and technology, the boring and welding machines we see now are all automatic welding machines for construction machinery. The advantages of this equipment are mainly The following points:

1. The core component of the boring and welding machine is the ceramic transducer, whose output power is strong and stable, and it works very reliably.

2. The output power of this machine is relatively large, which is more suitable for large and some small welding products, and there will be no abnormal problems during the welding process. When the power is large, it means that the machine consumes more power. Pay attention to this when using it.

3. The overall body of the equipment adopts a coaxial design, and the overall pressure is relatively balanced, which can greatly increase the precision of welding, so that the overall structure of the machine becomes more beautiful.

4. The components of the boring and welding machine are assembled with high-quality components, which can greatly improve the service life of the product.

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