On-site maintenance boring machine

On-site maintenance boring machine
On-site maintenance boring machine

Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in boring machine manufacturers, but also in the field of maintenance boring machine.

On-site maintenance Boring machine can be flat, convex groove, square flange surface milling and keyway, drilling, mainly for heat exchangers, pumps and motors, crane precipitation, the base, the door of the groove, the boss Combination of surface, shaft and shield keyway, can also be used for a variety of sliding rail systems.

Boring Machine Features Description:

1, strong and reversible power will be more balanced cutting;

2, heavy load linear guide, double ball screw to ensure the accuracy of pass;

3, high precision, flatness of up to 0.02 square meters per square meter;

4, split assembly structure did not facilitate on-site installation, demolition;

5, a wide range of processing, milling width up to 5000mm;

6, can be equipped with magnetic base, suitable for special working conditions, high stability.