New boring and welding machine

New boring and welding machine
New boring and welding machine

The new boring and welding integrated machine developed by our company is specially designed for on-site construction. It is small in size, light in weight and good in welding quality. It has low requirements on the use environment and space, and is easy to carry. It is widely used in the sales of large equipment and construction machinery. It can be repaired and repaired by welding holes, bearing holes and other round holes, and can also be welded longitudinally in a short distance. It is an essential tool for industrial and mining enterprises and engineering site maintenance.

Product parameters

Working voltage: AC 220v\/50hz

Maximum power: 100W

Machine weight: 20.5KG

Machine size: L800W210H330

Spindle speed: stepless adjustment 0--22r\/min

Welding range: Φ45-220mm

Axial stroke: 0-280mm

Wire diameter: 0.8mm

Welding power supply: inverter CO2 gas shielded welding machine

Working voltage: 3-phase AC380V\/50HZ or AC220V\/50HZ