Basic knowledge and market prospect of mobile boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-09-04

The mobile boring machine is specially used for processing oil cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and air cylinders. We all know that machine tools have many more functions, not only for various drilling and boring, but also for further rolling processing. When drilling, the internal chip removal method or the external chip removal method is used. We know that the rigidity of the machine body itself is very good, the accuracy is good, and the spindle speed is relatively fast. It can carry out various deep processing.

The mobile boring machine used with this machine tool also has such a precise fit. The boring machine is not only used in machine tools, but also can be used to bore cylinder holes and cylinder liner inner holes of automobiles, tractors and internal combustion engines, and can also be applied Precision boring processing of inner holes of other parts. The positioning device of the boring machine is quite special, mainly reflected in the positioning seat, the positioning core and at least 3 identical positioning columns, which make its positioning accurate, low cost and easy to use. , easy to implement, simple device structure, greatly improving production efficiency!