If you want to buy a good automatic portable boring machine, do it!

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-06

Fully automatic portable boring machine is a very uncommon portable processing machine. It plays a key role in the processing of small pipe inner holes and is widely used in many fields, such as cranes, excavators, cranes, etc. some engineering machinery.

There are many manufacturers of boring machines, with different brands and different qualities, so how do you choose a good machine? This requires you to spend a lot of trouble!

Don't be afraid, today I will teach you a trick:

The first is the motor equipped on the equipment. Some equipment is equipped with ordinary motors, and some manufacturers are equipped with DC motors! Users can choose according to their actual situation; it is the vibration amplitude of the equipment during operation, which is better The portable boring machine has no vibration during axial movement and cutting operations;

And pay attention to check whether the operation of the boring machine is simple and convenient, see how its performance is, and also consider whether the installation and disassembly are convenient.

I hope the above 3 methods can be helpful to you. More information about fully automatic portable boring machines can be found on our website!