What is the working principle of light boring machine

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Light-duty boring machines are often used in the processing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment to expand the original holes. Compared with other boring machines, light-duty boring machines are lighter in size and quality, which is not only convenient for construction personnel to carry , The accuracy of the boring has also been improved to a certain extent, and the effect is good. The operating principle of the light boring machine is also relatively simple. In order to facilitate everyone's understanding, let's take a look at the operating principle of the boring machine.

Boring processing refers to expanding the original hole on the workpiece to meet the required requirements. Through high-efficiency rough boring, the metal can be cut quickly to reach the required size; through fine boring, the eccentricity of the lower hole can be corrected to obtain accurate position and Shape accuracy and surface finish, fine boring is often used as a high-precision machining method in subsequent processes.
The light boring machine we see now not only has good performance advantages, but also reflects the rapid development of production technology, and also has a good driving effect on the later processing of mechanical parts.