Why are portable boring machine parts prone to wear?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-11

The portable boring machine is a kind of calibration equipment with high processing precision, which is very convenient to install, use and carry. It can not only be used as a calibration equipment for various parts, but also as an auxiliary production equipment for large equipment such as machine tools, so it is used very convenient.
The general structure of a portable boring machine includes motors, bearings and hobs. Except for the motor, the spare parts of this portable boring machine are made of stainless steel through a special production process, so it can guarantee a good service life.

But some time ago, some customers reported that the portable boring machine they bought had frequent parts wear, and they didn't know the cause of the failure, so they asked the editor for help.
After careful investigation, the editor found that the frequent replacement of parts in the portable boring machine is not directly related to the quality of the parts, but because it was not completely matched when it was installed. So the editor solemnly reminds everyone : Whether it is product installation or disassembly maintenance, professional personnel are invited to avoid later use problems.