What is a reasonable price range for an automated bore welding machine?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-08

When we buy a product, in addition to caring about the quality of the product and the manufacturer, we must also be very concerned about the price of the product, because it will directly concern the cost of our purchase and operation. As an automatic inner hole welding As a manufacturer and manufacturer of welding machines, we have also received many inquiries from customers about prices. So what is the reasonable price range for automatic inner hole welding machines?

We went to the market to investigate and found that the price range of an automatic inner hole welding machine varies greatly, ranging from 15,000 yuan to hundreds of thousands, so this problem is actually not easy to judge directly. Because whether it is the production of the product The region, whether it is produced abroad, the structure or the model, all have a great impact on the price of the product, so it is not possible to draw conclusions arbitrarily.
But we know that the price of a product is usually determined by market supply and demand and its own cost, so if it is the same model product in the same region, we can directly compare the quotations of more than 3 products before making a decision.
Well, the above are some of our small suggestions about the price of automatic inner hole welding machine, hoping to give you some help.