What are the functions of repairing the boring machine on site?

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When the industry carries out production line processing operations, most of them are operated by modern mechanical equipment, streamlined, and standardized operating procedures make the industrial processing level higher and higher. Therefore, for maintenance equipment such as boring machines, it is Doesn't it mean that there are fewer and fewer uses? In order to uncover the answer to this mystery, let's ask why the manufacturer of the on-site maintenance boring machine will introduce the function and characteristics of using the boring machine:
  First, the role of on-site maintenance boring machine
Many times when we do modern maintenance, the basic equipment is simple, and the use of on-site maintenance boring machines can drill holes on the edge of flat wood for subsequent processing of the structure and equipment. The working principle of the equipment is simple The lever action controls the movement of the table to make height adjustments to meet production needs. Other functions include cam action presses, etc.

  2, Features of on-site maintenance boring machine
1, A 15-axis boring head can quickly complete a 32mm box structure. The handle activates the work clamp and lowers the boring head for easy and effective drilling.
2, More accurate drilling depth, at the same time through the indicator control, to achieve a certain degree of automatic operation, simple and flexible.
3,32mm line drilling system;
4, Digital down feed stroke indicator;
5. Scale position indicator for rear fence and cross fence;
6, Adjustable fence flip stop;
7, High carbon wear-resistant steel linear bearing sliding shaft.