How does the boring machine complete a series of boring processes?

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  Small boring machineIt is an industrial processing equipment developed mainly for on-site maintenance of construction machinery. It is usually suitable for processing and repairing small and medium-sized pipes and shaft pin holes. It is an essential tool in the construction machinery maintenance industry. It is widely used It is used for processing and repairing the upper holes of excavators, loaders, cranes, crawler cranes and large marine cranes. Below we invite the manufacturer of the blueprint machinery to introduce the processing process of this equipment:

After the simple setting of the small boring machine, the following work can be done on site:
1, boring
2, Overlay welding on inner and outer surfaces
3, drilling
4, opening

The boring bar of the small boring machine is made of high-strength alloy steel, quenched as a whole, and has undergone many times of stress relief and aging treatment. The surface tool holder at the car end can automatically move the tool back and forth, the feed rate is adjustable, and it can be disassembled for easy installation and disassembly. , using proprietary anti-vibration technology, high precision, high rigidity, can achieve very good precision;

The axial feed box of the small boring machine automatically feeds, equipped with a 3-speed transmission device, which outputs an appropriate feed amount for rough and finish machining, and is equipped with positive and negative and manual feed change gears; with their Stability, accuracy, compactness, solidity, and easy operation are favored, covering the processing range of 22-1700mm diameter. Provide high-precision on-site repairs for inner holes and couplings of large and small equipment without disassembly Equipment, reducing the downtime and the time of transportation to the factory for maintenance. The main application areas include shipbuilding, ship repair and mining processing. It is very extensive.