Talking about the Operation Steps of Portable Boring Machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-13

The portable boring machine has brought us great convenience. It can not only bore holes from various angles, but also bore holes with various precision tolerances to meet our work needs. The boring machine is fast, accurate, and saves The working time is shortened, the work efficiency is improved, and the cost of the project is reduced.
For the maintenance of the portable boring machine, lubricant should be added on time, and the impurities in the equipment should be cleaned in time. In addition, the correct operation and use of the portable boring machine is also a part of its maintenance. The following mainly describes the operation of the boring machine. step:


1. Before using the boring machine, first fix the boring bar, and then install the boring bar and the supporting flange on the parts to be processed. Find the centering, and then weld it stably.
2. Connect the host machine with the cutting tool, and use bolts to fix the host machine and the cutting tool in order to reverse the boring machine and carry out other processing work in the subsequent use. In addition, the position of the tool tip and the parts to be processed must be ensured when connecting Keep within a small distance.