How to maintain the construction machinery boring machine to improve the service life?

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Under normal circumstances, the service life of construction machinery boring machines is as long as 10 years. But this requires us to pay attention to theConstruction Machinery Boring MachineMaintenance, let's take a look at the specific introduction:
  One, the correct installation
First of all, more attention should be paid to the correct installation of construction machinery boring machines. The installation process needs to ensure that each component is installed in place. Improper installation will not only affect the appearance, but also cause failures during use, and the service life will be greatly reduced.
  2, the correct use
The operator of the construction machinery boring machine should follow the relevant requirements, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of misoperation, reduce the probability of equipment failure, effectively ensure the normal use of the construction machinery boring machine, and prolong the service life.

  3, proper maintenance
Maintenance measures should be taken during the use of construction machinery boring machines. Only correct maintenance measures can prolong the service life. In order to avoid serious wear and tear of portable machine parts during use, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added after a period of time. The use can effectively avoid friction between components, and has a good anti-rust function, which can ensure that the use of spare parts is normal
  4, stop properly
Although the construction machinery boring machine can work 24 hours a day, no matter what kind of machine tool, it needs to rest, so if possible, try not to work continuously for a long time.