Which equipment can the construction machinery boring machine be applied to?

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  Construction Machinery Boring MachineBoring ranges from 1.37 inches to 80 inches (35mm-2030mm), and has the accuracy and speed of fixed penetration. Professionally designed assembly brackets, spherical bearings, self-centering cones, movable rotary drives and feed units allow Setup is simplified, allowing the tool to work in tight spaces that most boring machines cannot access.

The construction machinery boring machine has a durable rotary drive and axial feed system, a high-strength chrome-plated boring bar and heavy-duty bearings, and can be equipped with vibration motors with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic functions. With the help of welding system, it can be installed at one time. Complete boring and welding. The following is the application introduction of construction machinery boring machine:
1,Line boring for large construction equipment buckets and articulated joints.
2, Repair of excavator casing.
3, Drilling of frozen pins or realignment of ring bolt holes.
4,Repair of heavy equipment and crusher gearbox.
5, Linear boring of dam guide vane bushing.
6, Boring of stern tube and rudder blade.
7, Heavy boring and milling of steam turbine casing.
8, Boring the bolt hole of the steam turbine coupling.