Portable boring machine should pay attention to observe the operation when operating

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-11-06

Portable boring machine is a very common mechanical equipment in engineering construction, and the operation method is simple. Let's follow the editor to see its related content in detail.

The portable boring machine is very convenient to use just by looking at the name. The operator only needs to do a simple lifting action, but the traditional boring machine is very portable. Traditional machines are generally used in factories. Portable The boring machine does not have so many restrictions, it can be used not only in the factory but also outdoors.

Pay attention when using, the operator can't let the line of sight away from the machine, and can't leave the operation site, so as to avoid damage to the rotating parts due to some parts being stuck during the operation; the three jacking screw parts of the equipment should be adjusted before leaving the factory Ok, so you don't need to adjust it when you use it.

If you need to shift gears during the operation, please pay attention to turn off the power first, and then shift gears after the spindle stops rotating; after the work is completed, you must switch the spindle motor switch, and the motor should rotate slowly when you use it for the first time. Tool, return the boring bar to its original position.

The portable boring machine is a mechanical device. It should be well maintained during normal use to reduce wear and tear on the device and repair failures. The device has strong adaptability and can be used in many occasions. If you need to buy a machine, please Feel free to contact our company.