Some basic operation methods of using boring machine equipment

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The boring machine is a very practical engineering machine, which can quickly create a large number of very practical workpieces in engineering, such as oil cylinders, gas tanks, etc., and plays a very important role in the production of various industrial equipment. The use and operation of this type of equipment needs to be carried out by specially trained staff, and the operation process should also be followed in accordance with the specifications in the instruction manual, so that the correct use of the entire equipment can be better guaranteed. Before that, you should do a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. First of all, you should check whether the connection of each part of the equipment is in place, and eliminate the problem of looseness. At the same time, you need to pay attention to whether the equipment and the ground are firmly fixed. According to the demand, select the corresponding mold and hoist it in the equipment.

Next, we need to connect the boring machine to the power supply for idling operation. At this time, the material to be cut should not be placed on the equipment, but the body should be kept idling. After ten minutes of normal idling, it can be conveyed on the machine tool. Put the corresponding materials in the belt, and start the formal production. If there is any problem when it is idling, then it must be shut down in time for inspection.


The third step is that after the workpiece is cut or drilled, the finished workpiece can be taken out for special care and storage. When using the boring machine, it is necessary to pay attention to shutting down the machine. After disconnecting the power supply, cleaning and maintenance is the last process. After the end of daily use, such operations are required to bring you a good guarantee for the use of equipment.