Brief Analysis on the Application Range and Product Characteristics of Small Boring Machine

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Small boring machine is mainly used in the mechanical structure of the hole and the cross-section of the processing and repair, I produced the small boring machine advanced structure, stable performance, to meet the requirements of various industries.

The main application of small boring machine:

1, the hole in the pipe processing and repair, construction machinery rotary hole and pin hole processing and repair;

2, pump body, valve, seat, turbine unit hole processing and repair, rudder system hole, 艉 bearing hole, rudder hole hole processing and repair;

3, Porous coaxial processing side by side, a positioning process to ensure the porous coaxiality, as well as the end face of the hole processing.

Product Features:

1, The whole machine adopts modular design to facilitate storage and transportation, and can be quickly installed and disassembled on the spot. The boring bar is made of high strength alloy steel. After multi-pass heat treatment, the surface is chrome-plated, with high strength and not easily deformed, Boring, vertical boring, taper boring, face turning and chamfering;

2, various forms of support and fixtures to meet different needs of the work environment, are: single arm support, cross support, word support, T-word support, the center support, floor support, self-aligning support;

3, processing accuracy, surface roughness up to RA3.2;

4, the power system can choose hydraulic system and servo motor as the power source, strong cutting power, high stability of the whole machine;

5, with fast forward rewind function, easy operation;

6, Axial automatic supply, equipped with multi-speed transmission, coarse, fine machining output more appropriate feed;

7, equipped with remote circuit control system, easy operation, high safety factor.

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