Boring machine routine maintenance focus

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-12-09

Boring machine due to its poor use of the environment, so when used to maintain regular maintenance, boring machine maintenance knowledge of many customers do not mind, and some customers do not know how to properly maintain.

Boring machine in industrial production is a very important equipment, is widely used in automotive fuel tanks, cylinder processing, but also can be used for machine tool spindle hole and arcade hole processing.

Any kind of equipment must be carried out some routine maintenance in order to better complete the work, and reduce wear and tear, extend the service life. Similarly, boring machine in daily use should pay attention to maintenance work. Here I will introduce how to maintain the boring machine, which parts focus on maintenance.

(1) First of all, for external maintenance, the boring machine inevitably will be contaminated with some stains in the process of using, these stains need to be promptly removed to ensure that the boring machine will not be corroded by these East, causing damage boring Machine's normal operation and the use of results;

(2) the maintenance of spare parts. Before each use of the boring machine, the components should be checked, if there is a loose place in time for fastening. Avoid the boring machine can not be used because of the drop of parts during use, otherwise it will seriously affect the production schedule and production efficiency;

(3) boring machine tool maintenance. Tool and the host of the normal connection to ensure the normal operation of the boring machine key link. Therefore, in peacetime you need to maintain the boring machine tool, check the connection with the host, the tool wear and tear, the need to be replaced, etc.;

The above is the key when using a few maintenance boring machine, I hope we do a good job of routine maintenance, reduce boring machine wear and tear, but also improve production efficiency.