Light boring machine to follow the instructions for use

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Do not know how much you know about the light boring machine, it is a specialized processing cylinder, cylinder, hydraulic cylinder deep hole workpiece equipment, but also can be used to machine the spindle parts, blind holes and ladders and other deep Hole processing needs.

Light boring machine is mainly used in excavators, cranes, cranes and other construction machinery maintenance, as well as the processing of concentric bore hole and other services, the use of small-scale pipe bore. As a mechanical equipment in the use of the time they need to pay attention to what the problem, we know that a variety of mechanical processing equipment at the time of the use of a certain safety instructions, the workers should be strictly in accordance with its provisions to operate.

1, the connection with the host and the tool, the use or installation, maintenance, care should be taken when using the host flange and the support flange bolted together, while ensuring boring, the host, the tool, and the arbor can be screwed To the main motor reducer screw hole, and then connected to the main motor, and to be connected firmly, then we should split, knife holder or plug-in high-speed steel shrapnel using the screw connection parts firmly reinforced at a distance Before processing the hole 2mm - 5mm distance, if it is the proximal boring machine, then the use of a knife, the main motor is normal, into the motor forward machining, if it is far boring machine, then the use of anti Knife, main motor, forward feed motor reversing processing this way to work.

2, rough boring, this time the main motor is prohibited to reverse, the size of the processing can be based on need, adjust the knob and the strength of the processing tool, wait until after the stability to increase the knife.

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