The use of internal welding machine and safety precautions

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Internal welding machine is designed for on-site construction and design, smaller, better welding quality. Hole welder's use of the environment and space requirements are not too high, very easy to carry, is widely used in large equipment, bearing holes, holes and other construction machinery hole repair holes repair, is the industrial and mining enterprises, the project site Maintenance of the necessary tools.

The technical characteristics of the internal welding machine: small size, light weight, and any one of the European-style gas welder support for use.

Safety Precautions:

(1) Proud to use professional staff and maintenance;

(2) Ask professionals to provide reliable grounding according to regulations;

(3) Do not touch live parts, can cause fatal motor or burns;

(4) arc, splash will burn eyes and skin, to be protective work;

(5) Installation, maintenance and repair must be carried out after the power is cut off;

(6) welding fumes and gases harmful to the body, please note that dust, ventilation;

(7) welding may cause fire, explosion, please stay away from flammable and explosive materials;

The above is the entire contents of the internal welding machine, and want to know more relevant information, please call detailed inquiry.

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