On-site maintenance boring machine to make mechanical production more accurate

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-12

A body is made up of a lot of song parts, the installation of these parts need screws fixed, screws or parts of the installation needs holes, the machine hole is like the foundation of the House, the quality of the hole to control the stability of machine parts, the general machine surface is the use of high-quality metal production, So the hole of the machine surface is more difficult, the ordinary wall material is relatively soft, wall drilling is also very simple, as long as the ordinary drilling rig can be in the wall into holes, but the metal surface of the hole required to complete the boring machine, and the metal surface of the machine to the quality requirements, the general punching machine is easy to leave traces on the machine surface, Boring machine for the metal into the hole quality is very high, the use of boring machine to build the hole inside a higher smoothness, the inner surface of the hole contains less impurities, so that the machine bolts will be more secure.

The hole on the surface of the machine is very high for the verticality, the vertical degree of the hole and the verticality of the material surface, the vertical degree of the hole directly affects the fixation of the bolts, the general punching machine is measured vertically by hand, so the ordinary hole drilling machine is not a high degree of verticality, for the machine to the vertical requirements of the hole is higher, Boring machine and ordinary drilling machine is not the same, boring machine itself has a stable fixed parts, and in the hole boring machine stability is very high, so the boring machine more suitable for the machine into the hole, boring machine to the hole accuracy than the ordinary punching machine is much higher, and boring machine face metal punching object will not affect the accuracy of drilling.

The field maintenance boring machine is an efficient pore forming machine, which can reduce the difficulty of production and improve the precision of machine.