Knowledge of mobile boring machine how much do you know?

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I do not know how many of you know about mobile boring machine? Boring machine is a special processing cylinder, oil cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, such as deep hole workpiece equipment, the formula can also be used to process the addition of the main spindle, blind hole and step hole, such as a variety of deep hole processing needs.

Then one of the mobile boring machine is the main use of excavators, cranes, cranes and other construction machinery maintenance, as well as concentric hole processing and other services, the use of small pipe in the hole. As a mechanical equipment in the use of the need to pay attention to what problems? We know that a variety of mechanical processing equipment in the use of a certain degree of safety operation, workers should be strictly in accordance with its provisions to operate.

Connecting with the host and the tool aspect, in use or installation, the maintenance of the time need to pay attention to Z with the main engine flange and support flange with bolted connection, at the same time to ensure that boring, host, cutter, and knife rod can be screwed into the main motor reducer screw hole, and then connected to the main motor, and to connect firmly, The split, turret or inserted high-speed steel shrapnel is then used to tightly strengthen the 2mm--5mm distance from the machined front hole. If it is a near-end boring machine, it is the use of positive knife, the main motor, the electrical motor is turning processing, if it is far boring machine, the use of reverse knife, The main motor, is turning to the motor reverse machining this way to work.

Coarse boring, this time the main motor is forbidden to reverse, the size of the processing can be determined according to needs, adjust the knob and the strength of the processing tool, wait until the stable side can increase the strength of the knife.

The above is the entire content of mobile boring machine, want to know more detailed consultation, welcome to call in detail.