Matters needing attention in operation of light boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-04-09

When using a light boring machine, the first thing to note is that the light boring bar to be fixed, the model is more suitable for the boring bar and supporting flange parts installed in the need for boring machine to process the relevant parts, and then the center of the boring bar adjustment, you can do the following processing work.

When installing a fixed boring bar, be sure to find the centering, and then maintain a solid and stable welding, so that in the subsequent operation to maintain a uniform and stable boring rod rotation speed.

Connecting the host and cutter together, this method mainly uses bolts to fix the flange and split turret between the host and the cutter, so that the boring machine can be normally used to reverse the motor and other processing work in the subsequent operation. When linking, be sure to keep the tool tip position at a smaller distance from the nearest edge of the part that needs to be machined.

The safe operation of the boring machine is to weld the middle part of the aperture outside. Loosen the bolt, lock the bushing on the part of the pair, twist the bolts into place, adjust the positioning unit to the aperture of the hole to be bored, and plug it into the boring shaft frame, and lock it with the screws in the shaft rod. The shaft rod is manually pushed into the hole to be bored so that the positioning block valve key is positioned on the outer edge of the aperture, and the screws on the locating block are tightened. Without removing the locating block, the distance between the end and the top of the locating block is measured, and the other end of the aperture is divided into two parts. Adjust the bolts on the part to the same position as the separated distance. The remaining two points are repeated in this step.