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Master these 3 points and easily choose the inner hole welding machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-10-30

Inner hole welding machine is a very common mechanical tool in the machinery industry. Many people in the detailed industry know this tool, which is a machine for precise welding of inner holes. These welding machines should be used in many factories. The welding process actually has very high requirements for technology, so the quality of the inner hole welding machine is also more important. There are also many merchants related to internal control welding machines in the market, so you must be vigilant when choosing .

1. Making welding fixtures: In order to facilitate welding and improve welding quality and speed, various fixtures suitable for the welding process of the required welding devices should be made in advance.

2. Select the spot welding head for the inner hole welding machine: Due to the different welding points required for welding, as well as the welding metal wire material, size and shape, it is necessary to initially select a suitable spot welding head.

3. Explore the welding parameters of the inner hole welding machine. Different welding metals have different bonding properties due to their shape, thermal conductivity, melting point, and 2 metals (welding wire and pad).

I hope the above 3 points will help you choose the inner hole welding machine.