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What are the conveniences brought by the application of portable boring machines

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-25

Portable boring machine is a kind of boring machine, which is lighter and faster in use, and it is also easy to carry. For boring machines, it is often used in factory mechanical equipment. If the boring machine is not flexible , in use, it will cause inconvenience in production, which will seriously affect the progress of production. The application of portable boring machine not only brings convenience to production, but also has been recognized by many new and old customers for its good performance advantages.

The boring machine includes a motor and a reduction box. The reduction box is connected with a motor base. The motor is placed longitudinally on the motor base. One end of the motor is connected with a pulley. A tool device is connected to one end of the shaft, and a pulley is connected to the reduction box placed at the rear of the movable shaft through the shaft. The pulley and the pulley are placed correspondingly and connected by a belt. There is an adjustment rod on the reduction box. The boring machine has the advantages of simple structure, low production cost, easy realization and improved production efficiency.

The positioning device of the boring machine includes a positioning seat, a positioning core and at least 3 identical positioning columns. The positioning seat of the product includes a support seat and a positioning sleeve. Through holes, each through hole is perpendicular to the center line of the positioning sleeve, the positioning top core of the product is nail-shaped, the fixed end is provided with a nail cap, and the working end is a cone, and the cone is against the inner core of each positioning column. End. The beneficial effect of the positioning device of the boring machine compared with the prior art is that the positioning device of the boring machine has a simple structure, is convenient to use, accurate positioning, low cost, easy to implement, and greatly improves production efficiency.

As soon as the portable boring machine appeared, it has been loved by many new and old customers. The portable boring machine is a mechanical equipment commonly used in production. It is not only more flexible in use, but also more accurate in boring. For industrial production, it plays an important role. It has a good driving effect. In fact, the types of boring machines used in the market are also relatively diverse. In use, you should choose the boring machine according to your own needs, so that the selected boring machine can play better. its performance advantages.