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Precautions for using portable boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-01-29

Portable boring machine is a kind of common engineering repair equipment. It only needs to be carried by the construction personnel in use. Compared with the traditional boring machine, it is very light. The traditional boring machine is generally used The application is used in the factory, and the application field of the portable boring machine is not so limited. It can be used not only in the factory, but also in some outdoor projects, with good adaptability, but in use Still should pay attention.

1. When the portable boring machine is working, the operator should not leave the site to prevent the screw nut from being stuck due to overtravel and damage the rotating parts.

2. The three adjusting jackscrews on the pressure overload disc at the outer end of the screw nut of the portable boring machine have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the user does not need to adjust it in a short time.

3. When the portable boring machine shifts gears during operation, it must first turn off the power of the motor, and then shift gears after the spindle stops. If it is difficult to shift gears, it can be done manually with the spindle.

4. After the preparation work of the portable boring machine is completed, jog the switch of the spindle motor, and the rotation speed of the spindle motor should be slow for the first rough boring.

5. After the processing of the portable boring machine is completed, turn off the main shaft motor, remove the boring tool, return the boring bar to its original position with fast rotation, and install the tool bar according to the previous processing steps to continue Processing, but before each repetition of boring, the boring bar must be properly released until the processing is completed.

After all, the portable boring machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, which relies on electric energy as the power to operate. When not in use, the internal parts and motors should be well maintained to reduce damage to the portable boring machine and reduce the risk of damage to the portable boring machine. Troubleshooting repairs. The types of boring machines provided by our company are relatively diverse, such as portable boring machines, mobile boring machines, etc. These boring machines have strong adaptability, but they are used in many occasions , is your good choice.