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What kind of product is a light boring machine?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-04

For a few friends who specialize in the production and manufacture of light boring machines, they may be quite familiar with this kind of mechanical equipment, but for most ordinary people, the characteristics, functions and uses of many professional industrial equipment are not very familiar .So in order to improve everyone's product awareness, I will explain to you the use and characteristics of the light boring machine below:
One, use
The boring machine is a kind of equipment used for boring on the industrial site. After the initial drilling of the equipment, on the one hand, the precision of the initial processing is poor and the surface is relatively rough; on the other hand, it may be necessary in the subsequent processing. To enlarge the hole diameter or carry out deep casting, it is necessary to use certain equipment to meet the above requirements. This equipment is the boring machine. In addition, the boring machine can also better correct the deviation of the original hole axis.

2, features
The light boring machine produced by our company has the characteristics of light size and small weight, so it is very portable. Moreover, it can also be used for deep processing of various mechanical products. It has high boring precision and is easy to use, so it can be suitable for various Indoor or outdoor places for free use.