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Introduction to the basic situation of automatic portable boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-08

In order to help you better understand this fully automatic portable boring machine, the following editor will introduce you to the structure, use and advantages of this fully automatic portable boring machine:
One, the structure
The basic structure of a fully automatic portable boring machine includes: a positioning seat, a positioning top core and at least 3 identical positioning columns, the positioning seat includes a support seat and a positioning sleeve, and the side is provided with at least 3 positioning sleeve walls and positioning The column fits through holes, each through hole is perpendicular to the center line of the positioning sleeve, the positioning top core is nail-shaped, the fixed end is provided with a nail cover, the working end is tapered, and the cone is pressed at the inner end of each positioning column.

2, use
The fully automatic portable boring machine can be used for drilling and processing general parts, and also for drilling cylinder holes of cylinder blocks and cylinder liners, such as cylinders, automobiles, tractors, etc., and can also be used for precision drilling of other mechanical parts.
3, advantages
This new type of fully automatic portable boring machine produced by our company has the characteristics of convenient installation, accurate positioning, low cost, easy realization, simple operation, not limited by position and space, high overall vibration resistance, simple structure, and easy to use. It takes a long time and the equipment is easy to maintain later.