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Introduction to the characteristics of small inner hole welding machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-09-23

The small inner hole welding machine is a kind of repair welding device used in industrial processing and maintenance sites. It is generally used in the repair welding repair work of round holes such as pin holes and bearing holes in factory mechanical equipment or processing sites. Below we Let's take a look at the introduction of the characteristics of the inner hole welding machine:
1. The bore diameter range of this small inner hole welding machine produced by our company is between 22-50mm, and the bore range is large:
2. The feed rate is adjustable, the power is strong, the flat tool post can move the tool automatically, and the cutting depth on one side is above 1mm;

3. The spindle box can be installed at any position of the boring bar, the fixing is simple and convenient, and it can be disassembled for easy installation and disassembly;
4. The bearing support is equipped with double-axis cylindrical roller bearings, which increases the precision and rigidity of the motor;
4. The boring bar is made of alloy structural steel, which is made by special technology, with high strength, high hardness and good toughness;
5. The overall surface of the small inner hole welding machine is treated with hard chrome plating, which is not easy to rust and has good wear resistance.
6, thisInner hole welding machineNot only is it small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, easy to use, but also quick to calibrate, reasonable in structure, good in welding quality, and easy to install and use in a narrow space.