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Do you know the 3 boring processing methods of the boring machine?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-13

Boring is a very industrial on-site drilling processing method. After the prefabricated processing and drilling is completed, the hole can be reamed by a boring machine. This cutting tool is an important processing method in modern industry. Understanding its processing method is important for Industrial processing has certain benefits. Below we have pleaseSmall boring machineThe manufacturer will introduce the boring processing method for you:
Boring work can be performed on a boring machine or a lathe. There are 3 different processing methods.

1. The workpiece rotation and tool feed movement belong to this boring method in lathe boring. The characteristics are: the axis line of the hole after processing is consistent with the rotation axis of the workpiece, and the roundness of the hole mainly depends on the rotation accuracy of the machine tool spindle , and the axial geometric shape error of the hole mainly depends on the direction of the position accuracy relative to the tool of the rotary axis of the workpiece. This boring method is suitable for processing holes that have coaxiality requirements with the outer circular surface.
2. The spindle of the boring machine drives the boring tool to rotate, and the worktable drives the workpiece to feed.
3. The tool rotation boring method is used for the boring of the boring tool rotation and feed movement. The length of the boring bar changes, and the deformation of the boring bar also changes. The hole close to the headstock is large, and the hole far away from the headstock is small, forming Tapered hole. In addition, the hanging length of the boring bar increases, the bending deformation caused by the self-weight of the spindle increases, and the axis of the processed hole will also bend accordingly. This kind of boring is only suitable for processing shorter holes.
3 of the aboveboring machineThe boring method involves most of the on-site processing methods. If you can understand it seriously, I believe it will be helpful to your processing.