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In these occasions, construction machinery boring machines are really useful

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-10

The processing method of the boring machine is boring. Simply speaking, it is to punch or drill holes on various parts of the machine. Some people may ask: What is the function of the boring machine for construction machinery? Next, we will ask the boring machine to produce The manufacturer will introduce to you:

1. During the manufacturing process, many fixed machine parts, such as diesel engine bases, cylinder blocks, ships, natural gas and hydropower casings, stator frames, etc., must be equipped with hole alignment and straight drilling. Production line engineers can use portable boring It not only saves time, but also facilitates the on-site guidance of engineers.

2. The machine hole needs to be repaired or the wear and damage of other major equipment needs to be repaired. Disassembling the machine and sending it for maintenance is not only time-consuming, monotonous, but also has a long downtime, and it is easy to wear and tear during the disassembly and installation process. Line boring in this field The hole engineer adopts the method of on-site maintenance to avoid the need of disassembling and assembling the machine.

2, On-site maintenance of other equipment. Compared with the traditional method of moving damaged parts to a designated location for maintenance, on-site maintenance of construction machinery boring machines is becoming more and more popular due to its many advantages.

Construction machinery boring machines can realize various processing functions such as drilling, polishing and grinding. So far, many large industrial sectors have adopted on-site drilling, such as power generation, shipping, offshore operations, steel, paper and many other industries. In general, it is found that the construction machinery boring machine treatment can prolong the service life of the machine, reduce failures, save time and money.