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Which maintenance method is correct for mobile boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-14

Mobile boring machines are used in many industrial productions, such as equipment for processing automobile cylinders and cylinders. In order to obtain better results during use, we need to pay attention to the method of use. Only by adopting the correct method of use and Good maintenance of the mobile boring machine can improve the service life of the boring machine and reduce the cost of use.


1. Regularly clean the outside of the mobile boring machine to clean the dirt on the surface of the boring machine to improve the efficiency of use. The outside of the boring machine will not be corroded by other items, which will cause external damage and cannot be used normally.


2. In order to maintain its mechanical parts, the parts of the equipment must be tightened regularly during use, so that the mobile boring machine cannot be used normally due to the falling off of parts during use. Only by tightening the various parts of the equipment can it Normal use during use, which can prolong the service life.


3. The maintenance of the boring bar of the mobile boring machine is what we often say about the shaft. There are 2 points in the maintenance of the shaft. One is the way of putting it in after use. It must be hung vertically to prevent the shaft from easily deforming. Oil the surface of the shaft after use so that the surface of the shaft does not rust and is relatively smooth during use.


In order to better use the mobile boring machine tool, it needs good maintenance in daily life. Only in this way can the use effect during use be improved and the service life of the equipment can be improved.