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The emergence of light boring machine is of great significance for large-scale mechanical maintenance

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-04

Large and heavy machines are too heavy, and the cost of transporting them to the repair shop is too high. Therefore, it is often necessary to use equipment that can facilitate on-site repairs. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, various types of small and medium-sized boring processing equipment appear in in the perspective of the market.

The role of the light boring machine is to restore the bearing hole and pin inner diameter\/outer diameter to the factory specifications. In addition, the light boring machine also provides an excellent method for new manufacturers of semi-finished product processing. It has fast processing and easy operation. And other advantages, and the processing accuracy is very good. In addition, the convenient transportation effect can also avoid expensive downtime and transportation costs of factories and enterprises in many cases. From this point of view, the recognition of the market can also be a good illustration of everyone's enthusiasm for this type of equipment. degree of acceptance.
However, regarding the long-term use of the light boring machine, the editor still reminds everyone to strictly abide by the instruction manual, because the use effect and life of the light boring machine or other equipment are often affected by factors such as the user's operation method and equipment maintenance. influences.