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The introduction of boring machines by manufacturers can greatly improve the speed of maintenance

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-13

Boring machine is a kind of portable repair welding boring equipment. Its emergence and wide application are closely related to the problem of difficult maintenance of construction machinery and equipment. Next, I will introduce its use background and application advantages for you:
With the increase in the use of a large number of trackless equipment, many equipment have entered the maintenance team for maintenance. Due to the lack of professional equipment, the repair of connecting pin holes, wear, deformation and connecting pins needs to be sent to the old machinery factory for processing. Large structural parts and frame parts It is not easy to disassemble or transport and handle, which often leads to long maintenance time and low efficiency. Secondly, the cost of machinery factory is also high. Parts such as loader bucket shaft, excavator bucket and boom shaft are often out of normal use due to wear and tear, Timely shutdown is required for repairs.

Traditional electric welding and manual repairing are difficult to control due to the roundness and fit clearance, and usually require welders to work continuously for 4-5 days to repair 4 shaft pin holes of a piece of equipment. Not only the repair accuracy is low, the efficiency is low, but also the service life is short. Repair The rear shaft pin can only be used for 2-3 months.
In view of the above problems, enterprises can choose to introduce boring machines for maintenance. According to the installation and positioning of equipment drilling positions, design connecting flanges and brackets and put them into use. It saves manual grinding, reduces labor intensity, and greatly reduces maintenance time.
It can be said that whether it is accuracy or work efficiency, the use of boring machines for workpiece maintenance has greatly improved, and it is worthy of the choice of processing enterprises.