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What is boring? What is the difficulty of boring?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-18

In the process of industrial processing and maintenance, we often hear a term - boring. For some lathe workers, this word is very familiar: whenever the equipment fails or a part is damaged, they often need a carrier The portable boring machine goes to the workshop for on-site maintenance. However, this term may be very unfamiliar to ordinary people, because this word does have certain professional difficulties. Below we invite the technicians of the portable boring machine manufacturer to introduce it to you. Here's what boring is and how difficult it is:
1. What is boring
Inner hole turning, also known as boring, is to enlarge the inner hole of the workpiece or process the inner surface of the hollow workpiece by turning. It can be processed by most of the outer turning methods.

3, Difficulty of boring process
In the process of processing and processing parts with a portable boring machine, the length of the tool and the diameter of the hole have a very large limit on the subsequent machining accuracy, so the stability and clamping degree of the tool in this process are very high. Requirements. How to improve the comprehensive stability of various factors is a problem that both boring processing technicians and portable boring machine manufacturers need to consider and improve.