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What are the advantages of the inner circle repair welding machine in practical application?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-07

You knowInternal repair welding machineIs this kind of industrial processing equipment for workpiece repair? This is a repair equipment that is industrially improved on the basis of resistance repair welding machines. This equipment uses iron wire, iron sheets, etc. The material and the workpiece are welded together. Since the equipment itself can release the radial energy to a space that needs to be repaired in a short period of time, this repair method itself controls strong adhesion, the overall heat is small, and the welding material can be completely fused. to the artifact. The following isInternal repair welding machineIntroduction of processing advantages:

1. High power, fast repair speed, surfacing repair welding, can be widely used in various steel, copper, aluminum and related alloys, especially for a large number of repair work.
2. High welding strength, deeper welding, better welding effect.
3. The repair accuracy is high, and special materials such as iron wire can be used for repair, without losing the original benchmark, less solder, and easy to form later.
4. The damage of the substrate is small, the hot spot is small, and the annealing deformation of the substrate will not be caused.
5. Easy to carry, small size, light weight, on-site repair welding.
In summary, because of the more accurate repair control, the inner circle repair welding machine can avoid the shortcomings of traditional welding deformation, cracks, discoloration, etc., and it is more suitable for some fine workpieces and workpieces that are not resistant to high temperature.