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What kind of processing can the construction machinery boring machine carry out?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-13

  Construction Machinery Boring MachineIt is a special equipment for processing oil cylinders, cylinders, and hydraulic cylinders with deep holes. In addition to linear boring and rotary welding, it can also process spindle holes, blind holes and stepped holes of machine tools, face milling of flange sealing surfaces, and tapping. It is suitable for Cylinder liner, engine bearing cover maintenance and repair processing, etc., not only can undertake various drilling, boring, but also rolling processing.

  Construction Machinery Boring MachineMainly applicable to heavy equipment manufacturing plants, mining industry, marine operations, oil drilling, offshore operations, shipbuilding and maintenance, natural gas extraction, oil extraction, nuclear industry, renewable energy, power plants, chemical plants, railway industry and other industries, providing On-site mechanical processing, with on-site maintenance and application links.
The equipment has a compact structure and is easy to install, and can be easily taken to the construction site. The boring machine has a simple structure, small size, and the weight of the main machine is 37-45kg. It is easy to carry and transport, easy to operate, and has low energy consumption. The maintenance place. Its machining accuracy is consistent with that of the machine tools used in the workshop, which can reduce downtime and save manpower and material costs.
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