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The emergence of boring machines is convenient for outdoor or on-site maintenance

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-22

In the process of industrial processing and maintenance, it is necessary to use different processing equipment such as boring machines and other large lathes. For some lathe workers, whenever the equipment fails or a part is damaged, they usually need to transport the portable boring machine to the workshop for maintenance. On-site maintenance. But if outdoor maintenance or on-site maintenance is required, it is not very convenient to use this equipment. Therefore, portable boring machines are often used for rapid processing.

Boring is the use of boring machines and other equipment to expand the inner hole of the workpiece or process the inner surface of the hollow workpiece, and it can also be processed by a boring machine.
In the process of using a portable boring machine to process parts, the length and diameter of the tool have great limitations on the subsequent machining accuracy, so there are high requirements for the stability and clamping degree of the equipment tool in this process.
For those heavy machinery, due to its volume and quality, it is too expensive to go to the maintenance workshop for processing, so a small boring machine can be used for on-site maintenance.