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What are the advantages of mobile boring machines in various industrial applications?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-27

  Mobile boring machineIt is a kind of processing equipment with light body, convenient operation and reasonable design. It has high precision of processing size and high guarantee of concentricity. The range of boring is 60-300mm. It is mainly suitable for shipbuilding, repairing and mining and metallurgical enterprises. It is an ideal equipment for ship shafting stern shaft hole, rudder system installation hole and large crane installation hole.

The positioning device of the boring machine has a simple structure, easy to use, accurate positioning, low cost, easy to implement, easy to maintain, and the product processing roughness can reach below 3.2, which improves the production efficiency and processing accuracy. Note that the mobile boring machine should not be used in Use in places where the temperature is too high or there is too much metal dust. When using it, pay attention to grounding to prevent electric shock accidents.
In the repair shop and field work, the mobile boring machine can replace heavy equipment, boring high-precision holes on various large workpieces or complex parts, and can solve the problems that ordinary machine tools cannot process.
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