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Introduction to the basic usage of construction machinery boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-07-17

There are three types of construction machinery boring machines: electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. It is generally applicable to the boring treatment of shaft pin holes of various construction machinery. The use of this equipment can facilitate maintenance and processing. Therefore, it is used in ships, mines and petroleum Metallurgy and other industries are inseparable from it. It can be used to process the spindle hole and stepped hole of the machine tool. It is often used in the production process of the machine tool. Because of its very good accuracy retention performance, the range of the spindle speed is very wide, so it can be better It can adapt to the technological requirements of various deep hole processing, and it is very large.

The construction machinery boring machine adopts the modular design principle, and the installation and operation are simple and fast. Its outstanding features are small size, light weight, simple installation and operation, suitable for one or two people to operate, especially convenient to use in field operations. At the same time manufacturing and processing Our manufacturer has also improved and improved the principle of its machinery, which can better meet the complete range of applications and performance.