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Precautions for using mobile boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-08-28

The mobile boring machine is a kind of equipment suitable for outdoor processing or on-site maintenance. This equipment has many characteristics, such as small size, light weight, and easy movement.
1. Operating environment: temperature: -10 degrees Celsius -50 degrees Celsius; relative humidity is less than or equal to 85 percent. 5. When the machine is working, the operator should not leave the site to prevent the screw nut from being stuck due to overtravel, so that the rotation Parts are damaged.
2. The 3 adjustment jack screws on the pressure overload disc at the outer end of the screw nut have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the user does not need to adjust it in a short time. If the adjustment screws are too tight, the function of the overload clutch disc will be lost.

3. In processing, the rough boring amount can be larger than the specifications of the construction machinery boring machine, but the large processing amount should not exceed 3mm on one side, and the fine boring amount should generally be smaller. The user can decide according to the actual situation, it is better not to vibrate the knife.
4. After one-cut processing is completed, turn off the spindle motor, remove the boring tool, return the boring bar to its original position with fast rotation, and install the tool bar according to the steps of one-time processing to continue processing, but Before repeating the boring each time, the boring bar must be properly released until the machining is completed.