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What improvements are there for portable boring machines?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-09-11

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, as well as the continuous updating and development of surface mining equipment, its structural design and manufacturing tend to be more automated and large-scale, resulting in the maintenance, maintenance and daily troubleshooting of large mining equipment. Due to structural or Restrictions of other conditions, partial fault handling, and machining maintenance treatment all need to be completed on the production site or equipment. Therefore, in the daily maintenance process of open-pit mining equipment, portable machining equipment is more and more widely used. Portable boring machine As the main equipment for repairing the out-of-round shaft hole during the maintenance and overhaul of Heiha 2 mining, transportation, and row equipment, its main structure is the same, including boring bar, axial feed unit, hydraulic motor, rotary drive unit, tool holder and There are several main parts such as the boring head unit and the end-face mounted bearing support unit.

In the process of production and maintenance for many years, some problems have been accumulated at the same time when the machining tasks are completed. In view of the wear and tear of the shaft holes of large components that often appear on the equipment, the repair process usually adopted is welding repair welding filling, and then repairing After welding, the shaft hole is rough and finely boring. However, in the process of welding repair, the surface of the repair welding is often affected by external environmental factors, or the operator chooses welding materials or takes improper process measures, and there is welding on the surface of the repair welding layer. Nodules, inclusions, surface hardening and other defects, thus forming a hard non-smooth surface.
After the hard non-smooth surface is formed, the boring tool is often too hard to perform boring during the boring process. In the past, the only way to anneal the material was to use a grinding wheel straight grinder to weld the weld. , inclusions and other hard welding defects are processed by grinding and other methods before overall boring. But these methods are not enough to completely solve the hardening problem of the surface to be processed, which makes the damage rate of the tool remain high. A boring task A large number of tools are needed to complete the process. To solve this problem, after years of experience in boring and overhauling, the following solutions have been accumulated and summarized: ①Use a high-speed steel tool to clean the high point of the special bead after welding; ② Choose an alloy tool, and ensure that there is a machining allowance in all directions away from the hole when the knife is used, and the machining allowance is small; ③Control the feed speed of the tool, and generally reduce the feed; ④Adjust the appropriate speed, Generally, the speed is adjusted to a medium speed; ⑤When starting the boring, first rough boring, wait for the machined surface to be smooth, and then carry out the boring of the processing technology size. By adopting the above method, when boring the non-smooth and hard surface, It avoids the implementation of technical measures such as removing the installed portable boring machine first, and then using oxyacetylene flame heating to anneal the repair welding layer of the out-of-round hole, which reduces the number of tool damage and improves the maintenance efficiency.