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What is boring? What are the processing techniques?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-10-16

Boring is the further processing of forged, cast or drilled holes. It is an action after drilling. It is a secondary process to achieve the specified accuracy or finish. Unlike reaming, boring is more convenient and can be enlarged. Aperture, a wide range of sizes, can also correct the position of the hole. Improve accuracy, reduce surface roughness, and better correct the deflection of the original hole axis.

Boring can be divided into rough boring, semi-fine boring and fine boring. The dimensional accuracy of fine boring can reach IT8-IT7, and the surface roughness Ra value is 1.6-0.8μm. Boring is divided into general boring and deep hole boring. Generally, boring can be done on ordinary lathes, and the boring tool can be fixed on the tailstock of the lathe or on a small tool holder. Deep hole boring requires a special deep hole drilling and boring machine. The hydraulic pump station uses coolant to remove iron filings. The bucket boring of the excavator is the boring operation of the bucket of the excavator.
Due to the large size and poor portability of the above-mentioned processing equipment, there are now a number of portable boring processing equipment—portable boring machines, small boring machines, construction machinery boring machines, etc.