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Precautions for starting and running the boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-01-09

Boring machine is a small welding maintenance equipment used in industry, which is generally used for repair welding of round holes. We generally have a detailed understanding of the use of this equipment through instructions, etc., but the attention to this equipment There are many problems that everyone ignores. The following editor will introduce to you the precautions for starting and running the boring machine:

1. Check whether the bolts of the foundation are loose, and if so, tighten them in time;
2. Check whether the internal copper core is abnormal;
3. Check whether the roughness of the contact between the mechanical equipment and the motor feet meets the installation requirements;
4. Whether the welding setting of the boring machine is suitable for processing the current material;
5. Check whether the circuit of the boring machine is closed and complete, and whether relevant precautions have been checked before operation.
If we have carefully checked the above 5 points, we can reduce the failure rate of boring machine equipment to a certain extent. I hope everyone can pay more attention.