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What details need to be paid attention to in the operation of mobile boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-02-20

In order to avoid accidents during work, the mobile boring machine needs to follow the correct operation steps. If there are any details that are ignored in normal operation, they must be corrected in time.
1. Before the mobile boring machine works, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the oil hole and the parts to be lubricated in advance.
2. When the power is turned on, the leakage protector should also be connected, and the ground wire should be connected to ensure safe operation.
3. The boring bar of the mobile boring machine needs to be fixed with a centering cone so that the boring bar and the hole to be processed are aligned concentrically, and then the front and rear fixing plates of the boring machine are fixed on the object to be processed (welding is generally required), and then gradually After installing and fixing the main engine, motor, equipment and workpiece, take away the centering cone.
4. Fix the boring tool on the boring bar 5-10 mm away from the boring hole. The boring amount can be controlled below 2mm on one side during rough boring. Fix the tool bar after confirming the processing range.

5. When the spindle is separated from the feeder, turn on the spindle motor, and the feeder is still, so check whether the feeder separator is engaged before starting the machine.
6. The rotation speed of the spindle motor should be selected as slow rotation when rough boring for the first time.
7. In order to meet the actual processing needs, there is a manual device at one end of the screw rod under the motor. Shake the handle, the screw rod and the screw nut can be fed synchronously. The user can adjust the automatic cutting speed by himself.
8. In the processing of the mobile boring machine, the rough boring amount can be larger, but the processing amount can not exceed 3mm on one side, and the fine boring amount should be smaller. The size of the boring amount is determined according to the actual situation.
9. After the machining of the mobile boring machine is completed, turn off the spindle motor, remove the boring tool, return the boring bar to its original position, and then install the tool bar according to the previous processing steps to continue processing, but before repeating the boring each time, The boring bar must be properly released until the machining is completed.