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How does the boring machine save manpower and material resources

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-10-23

One of the characteristics of the boring machine is its simple structure and convenient operation. It is different from some large-scale equipment. It is relatively small in size and easy to carry, and it can be operated by one person in many cases. This is the relatively large performance of the boring machine. .At the same time, its positioning is very accurate, thanks to its at least 3 identical positioning posts, which makes the position of the hole more accurate. Its use cost is relatively low, and it can be completed with less money Task. Its appearance has greatly improved production efficiency, saved time, manpower and material resources, and is worthy of being adopted by various industries.

Boring machine is a special equipment for processing deep hole workpieces of oil cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. It can also process spindle holes, blind holes and stepped holes of machine tools. The machine tool can not only undertake various drilling and boring, but also can perform rolling processing. The internal chip removal method or the external chip removal method is adopted when drilling. The machine bed has strong rigidity, good precision retention, wide range of spindle speed, and the feed system is driven by an AC servo motor, which can meet the needs of various deep hole processing techniques. The hydraulic device is used for the fastening of the oil receiver and the top tightening of the workpiece, and the instrument display is safe and reliable. The boring machine is also used for boring the cylinder bore and cylinder liner inner hole of internal combustion engines such as automobiles and tractors, and can also be used for the precision of the inner holes of other mechanical parts. Boring processing. The positioning device of the boring machine includes a positioning seat, a positioning core and at least three identical positioning columns. The positioning seat includes a support seat and a positioning sleeve. There are at least 3 positioning sleeves on the side wall The through holes matched with the positioning column, each through hole is perpendicular to the center line of the positioning sleeve, the positioning top core is in the shape of a nail, its fixed end is provided with a nail cap, its working end is a cone, and the cone is against the The inner end of each positioning column.