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Explanation on the method of fixed assembly engineering machinery boring machine

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-06-21

Engineering machinery boring machine is a mechanical equipment developed for the repair and production of mechanical equipment. In fact, in life, many types of factories and enterprises use boring machines, but the environments and fields of use are different. If you want to To better fit the production of the factory and the repair of mechanical equipment, it is necessary to purchase a special construction machinery boring machine to assist in the use, so as to exert better benefits. The fixed assembly of the construction machinery boring machine is also very important .


Fixed assembly is to arrange all the assembly of products or parts in a fixed position. During the assembly process, the product does not move, and all the parts required for assembly are concentrated around. Small batch assembly production, especially new products The trial production often adopts this kind of fixed assembly. In fixed assembly, due to the different structures and types of products, it is divided into centralized fixed assembly and decentralized fixed assembly. Centralized fixed assembly means that all assembly work is carried out by a group. Fixed workers are concentrated in a fixed location, also known as floor-spread assembly. This form is suitable for small-batch production of large-scale construction machinery. The trial production of new products adopts this form not only because the batch is small, but also because the assembly and trial production personnel are fixed. Complete the assembly of a car from the beginning to the end, and can make a complete record of the problems in the trial production process, so as to facilitate centralized rectification and processing.

Some construction machinery boring machines are mobile and portable, which requires a mobile assembly method. In fact, the construction machinery boring machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, which is composed of many parts. When using it, it should be done well. Overhaul and maintenance of parts to prevent the normal use of the boring machine from being affected by parts failure. If you want to know more, please contact us and we will provide you with more timely information.