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How to use construction machinery boring machine to ensure the progress of the project?

Edit:Xinxiang Blueprint Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-08-19

In the early machine tool industry and the automobile industry, construction machinery boring machines were often used. The development of society is inseparable from the use of construction machinery boring machines. While construction machinery boring machines bring convenience to our development, they also occasionally bring There are certain problems, and these are usually caused by not using the construction machinery boring machine correctly.


When using a boring machine, the length of use must match the shaft, and the bracket should not be too long, which will have a negative impact on the feed rod, and unexpected problems will occur during use. Always use its worm shaft and ring bearing Carry out lubrication work, if everyone only knows to use it without lubricating it, it will cause excessive wear and shorten the service life during work, and lubricate the fan every time it is used.

The motor directly affects the operation of the construction machinery boring machine. All its maintenance work cannot be ignored. It should be checked after 400 hours of use. If the carbon brush is not in normal condition, we should replace the carbon brush and reinstall it after replacement. Test to ensure that there is no problem before putting it into use.

Regarding the precautions for the use of construction machinery boring machines, everyone should pay more attention during the operation to avoid damage to the equipment. The introduction of the editor is here. If you need to buy construction machinery boring machines, please contact us.